Birgunj-Raxaul border blocked after stranded trucks enter India

Nov 2, 2015- The Birgunj-Raxual border point has been blocked again after Indian security forces allowed the agitating protestors into the Dasgaja area of Nepal-India border.

Nepal Police had opened the border since 5 am Monday morning by vacating the protestors from the Miteri Bridge.

However, once the Indian trucks stranded at the Nepali side entered into India, Indian security forces allowed entry to the agitating protestors in the Dashgaja area. Once the protestors entered the area, they immediately resumed their sit-in protest.

Earlier, the protestors were denied entry into the area by the Indian security forces while the trucks were entering into India.

Some 200 trucks stranded on the Nepali side entered into India while not a single truck entered Nepal while the border was reopened.

Raxual customs superintendent Arun Kumar Rajat had said that the trucks on the Indian side will be sent to Nepal as there was no point in stopping them since the border was opened and protestors cleared this morning.

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